Changes in Google Could Affect Your Page Rank

Your SEO, is like any relationship in life it needs attention and care. Your relationship to the search engines starts from the moment you launch your new website continuing as long as your website is active. Like a finely tuned engine, you want the kind of maintenance that makes your website a top competitor. Having a Web Development company who is always tweaking your site, staying on top of algorithm platform updates is what successful companies do to improve and protect their Google Page Rankings. RANK BRAIN Google's newest software launch is called RankBrain, a machine-learning artificial intelligence system; that is far different from the days of engineers who teach the platform by entering in information.

RankBrain doesn't replace Google's other search algorithms but is a modification of Google's hummingbird platform. Whats new is RankBrains ability to anticipate and interpret searches that might not have exact words. RankBrain is about query refinement and more meaningful results. How does it affect your search engine results? No one is sure yet, however it does lend to more surveillance of how you are ranking. In other words, pay attention! My thinking is, be mindful to what your feeding the search engines in your keyword queries and links. Remember, your search and keywords are educating RankBrain not engineers.

Whether or not this new modification will have an effect on your ranking is left to be seen but as always, protect your ranking like you do your bank account.

Page rank is money in the bank. Your SEO strategies that have always worked in Google will continue to do so, but with the RankBrain modification it is really all about content. The more readable content you post, the more you educate RankBrain on your authority for any given subject.


There are plans for Google splitting search results into 2 separate versions. The mobile search index over Google will contain newer, fresher content while Google version of the desktop index will be updated less frequently. In some cases search results displayed over mobile will be completely different than those search results found on desktop.


Mobile responsive websites have also presented an entirely new way for managing mobile friendly searches. Before mobile, persons looking for home remodeling in their neighborhood would have typed a mobile friendly search over Google such as, 'Home repair service Virginia Beach'. On mobile phones people are more likely to use their mobile assistant for searching. For example; 'OK Google Now' or 'Hey Siri, show me 'Home repair service close to me'. People will do voice searching in ways that differ from keyboard based search on mobile or desktop.

It's not everyday we get a warning about an impending search engine tsunami over mobile! Think about how you want your business, your website to be found over mobile search and then execute a plan fast.

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