Increase Facebook Engagement in These Easy Steps

If you use Facebook extensively for your business, here are 10 simple ways of increasing your Facebook business page engagement. With these, you can improve your news feed exposure, connect to new people, let people interact with your Facebook posts and share your posts with a larger audience.

  • Content plays a major role in any business page, be it a website, blog page or a Facebook page. Creating highly shareable content needs you to add relevant articles and topics to your Facebook post. This will compel people to like, comment and eventually share your content with their contacts, thus making your posts shareable. Whether it is business news, educational news, entertainment or hilarious content, the content should be unique and readable. Use multiple and instructional graphics, colorful images, carousel posts etc. to enhance your posts
  • Just as sharing content is important, it is equally important to add a 'call to action' button for your readers or page visitors. This will ask people to engage with your Facebook page by inviting others to read your post, make a purchase etc.
  • With Facebook introducing the 'live' button, it has now become easier to increase page engagement Go live and incorporate more videos on your page. As per studies, people react more to videos than mere text. Before broadcasting a live session, inform about the time and date beforehand.
  • Make your Facebook page fun and interesting so that visitors can always learn from what they see. Create a content mix wherein you put text along with videos at least three times a week. Since many businesses are not doing videos, this will make you stand out and increase your visibility.
  • Videos need not necessarily have sound. You can make videos on Facebook without sound too, just make them understandable without audio too. Using tools that allow you to ad text such as lower thirds is a great idea for videos without sound.
  • If you are consistent with your posting but not getting enough positive results, try changing your posting time. People tend to browse the web more on holidays and weekends. You can also repurpose content and post them even if they have been posted earlier. Just republish it as a fresh post. Remember to check whether the reported content is still relevant. You can try posting once a day.
  • Configure Facebook Instant Articles and get more positive feedback. Since instant articles load 10 times faster than the usual content, people get instant gratification instead of waiting to read the whole article. Though it does require time and effort to set up, try using it with some of your flagship content.
  • You can also increase your page engagement by driving traffic from other sources. You can add the URL of some other social networking site to your Facebook page. This way some of your followers from another social networking site would follow you on Facebook too. Alternatively, you can also initiate a discussion about any topic in your newsletter.
  • You can monitor Facebook pages of other business from the same industry as well as from other industries. Just go to Facebook insight and set the Page to Watch. This way you will get the information about popular pages. If it engages you, it is likely to engage others too. Apply the learned tactics to your Facebook page.
  • You can embed posts and videos into your blog. Go to the timestamp and select embed; this way, you will get the embed code and will be able to embed a full video with information in your blog, thus creating more engagement.
These simple ways of increasing engagement in your business will give you impacting results.

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