Google Vs Bing Vs Yahoo - Which Is Better?

Of the three top contenders, Bing vs Google vs Yahoo, which is the best? Where should an internet marketer focus their efforts for maximum results?

Results are not necessarily identical on the three top contenders. It is important to understand that a high Google ranking make generate a poor ranking on Yahoo or Bing and vice versa.

GOOGLE. Google is the most used of all the search engines. It is used by millions of visitors each month and for free.

Its popularity is due to the fact that it delivers well. Highly relevant results are returned almost immediately.

Search results are updated daily to ensure that content stays fresh and current.

If you make a Google inquiry using a longtail keyword phrase, you are v assured of finding what you want on the first page of a Google responsive page.

As a result, most internet marketers toil hard to maximize their Google results, believing that their energies will deliver maximum returns. Many use Google alone.

BING. Bing employs a sitemap similar to Google's.

Bing responds to same match domains through inbound links, just like Google.

Bing shopping costs, unlike Google.

Bing uses a manual system for its best matches, unlike Google's which is based on algorithm applications.

Bing's ranking criteria is based on importance and the relevance of site content. As a general rule, it is harder to get a higher ranking on Bing than on Google.

Bing also gives more higher rankings to theme oriented links than Google and places greater emphasis on domain age than Google does.

Still, in the competitive process, Bing is a contender and will continue to make changes to assure that it becomes an even stronger presence. You can expect to see changes that will make it more user friendly. Don't count Bing out yet.

YAHOO! Yahoo used to be Avis, in second place. It has been overtaken by Bing.

Some webmeisters feel that Yahoo takes too long to update its search indexes. Yahoo employees are working overtime to make changes to this perception.

Be attentive to all of the rules governing each site as you don't want to get slapped by any.

This is important because, while Google may presently be king, there is no assurance that this status will continue forever. You want to remain active in all of them as you never know when the game will change.

Just as Facebook is becoming a strong contender in its Google face-off, the possibility remains-powerfully so- that Yahoo and/or Bing will make a change that is game changing as well.

What gives a top result on Google today may not be the case tomorrow. Continue to employ keyword strategies and relevancy in your content. That premise is one absolute that is constant in today's frenzied efforts to get top rankings.

The three top search engines don't necessarily yield identical results but none of them should be dismissed as ineffective or useless. Working all three is your best strategy.

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