Using Google Analytics To Increase Sales

Google Analytics can help boost the amount of sales through your website. This is done by means of tracking the number of visitors to your website, as well as tracking the behaviour of your visitors, so that you can focus on improvement.

By installing a Google Analytics account, you will be installing a tiny tracking code called the Asynchronous Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) into the head section on each page of your website. You can either add this code on to every page of your site, or just the pages that you would like to track out.

Once this is done, there are conversion goals inside analytics, that you can set up to measure your key performance indicators. This means, you can set which website page you will count as a goal. For example, some people would view a confirmation page or a contact us form as a goal page, which could mean that either they have a new customer or a new lead.

Once the tracking code is set up and once the conversion goals have been defined, you will be able to track with ease the behaviour of visitors to your site. It normally takes a couple of weeks before noticeable results start to be seen.

Once you get on track with Google Analytics, you can use this tool to track loads of data within it. Some of the things that you can do is, you can track out what are the common keywords or key phrases that people are searching for and in the process reaching your site. You can analyse which of these users become paying customers, and you can further use SEO to streamline your business.

Apart from data analysis, you can also monitor which pages of your website are be best landing pages. This means, you can analyse which are your pages that are most frequently viewed, and also how long people spent on each page. You will also know how many of your visitors visited other of your web pages and how many left your site with viewing only one page. Based upon this last point, you can analyse whether the information was incorrect or whether the page was the wrong one that they landed up on. As far as bounce rates are concerned, these too can be monitored through this tool. However, as these are not all that important, it is wise not to pay too much attention to bounce rates.

George Venables is a leading expert in Google Analytics Training in the United Kingdom.

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